How to Make Paneer at home in easy way

how to make paneer at home

How to Make Paneer at home. So, Paneer is a dish that is the most popular thing made in every kitchen in India. Paneer which is made from milk and it is favorite of Indians, if there is any wedding, any function, any festival, or any special thing, paneer is the most common thing in to be made. All the special focus of Indian occasions is Paneer. There are thousands of dish, which made by the Paneer.

So not to waste your time, let’s move to the Recipe.


  • 2 litre full creamed Milk
  • 3 – 4 medium size Fresh Lemon (you can also use vinegar instead of this)
  • 1 cup cream (optional)

Process for making: (How to Make Paneer at home)

Step 1

First take a fresh pan, then add 2 liters of full cream milk on it and start boiling it, after boiling for about 15 minutes, the milk will start to boil, then remove it from the stove and turn off the flame, and keep it aside.

Step 2

Take a 3 – 4 medium sized lemon, cut the lemon and extract the juice in a bowl, now you have got out the lemon juice. So now we will add normal water as quantity of lemon juice on it.

Step 3

Now we will put lemon juice in the milk in the small – small quantity and also we will stir it with the help of any cooking spoon. Keep in mind that we have to do this process until the milk burst and clots.

If your milk is not bursting, which sometimes happens, do not panic. What you have to do in this situation that you can make lemon juice more like I said above, because sometimes it happens that the milk will burst little late and sometimes it burst quick. This is because the bursting of milk depends on your lemon, its sourness. If the lemon is too sour, the milk quickly breaks / bursts down, and if the lemon is less sour it takes longer.

Step 4

Now your milk is done, so keep it aside for 10 mins, so that it decrease the temperature. For better taste, you can also add cream in the milk, at the time of boiling milk. Adding cream gives you a amazing taste in Paneer. That’s my experience (you can also say my secret) i am sharing with you. so, also try next time like this.

Step 5

Take a fresh cotton cloth, you can also take any other like mantilla (dupatta) types. Keep your cloth on any pan or pot and put your all burst milk on it. Now by this your all lemon water will drain out from the cloth and the only paneer will left in the cloth. Now for better experience if you will wash your paneer in running water in the cloth, that gives you amazing experience.

After draining all water from the cloth, knot the cloth tightly and put any weighted item on it, like any utensil which have weight approx half to one kilogram. By this process your paneer will take shape and it will easy to cut in shape. Leave it for half to one hour.

After an hour, Now your Paneer is ready, you can also make any cuisine with it, or you can also eat directly. It all your choice.

We named this “Malai Paneer”. So, enjoy your recipe with paneer. There are many recipes on our website related to paneer, you can cook any out of all, or if you are crazy like me for food, so try all recipes one by one.


Chef Aviral Kr. Asthana

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How to Make Paneer at home! How to Make Paneer at home!

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