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Chocolate Dessert – No Bake No Cook Recipe. So, As we all know because of this pandemic it’s very risky to pick anything from the shop. Although guests are also restricted but our cravings isn’t. Every family has one or more member who does have sweet tooth. This is for all those who get sudden sweet cravings & making this dessert is super easy, super quick & tastes like no less than a mathura ka peda. Let’s jump into the recipe.

Chocolate Dessert - No Bake No Cook Recipe


Process of making: (Chocolate Dessert – No Bake No Cook Recipe)

Step 1

First of all, chop the Almond and Walnut well and melt the butter in separate vessel and keep aside.

Step 2

Take a grinder and grind both the biscuits separately and keep then in separate bowl. Add melted butter one by one in both biscuits and mix it well with the help of blender or spoon. Now add chopped walnuts to both the biscuits and mix it well.

Step 3

Make a separate dough of both biscuits with the help of Milk. If you run out of milk while making dough, kindly take more. Now take a aluminium foil and roll the Marie gold biscuit dough on the foil, also measure the length of foil, so you can make same for second one.

Step 4

The next process is to roll the chocolate biscuits into thin cylindrical shape and place it above the first one. Roll it properly till it become inside the first one (Marie Gold Biscuit). Cover it tightly with the help of more foil papers, and place it in deep freezer for atleast one hour.

Step 5

After 1 hour take out the preparation, and cut it into small pieces (as per your choice).

Garnish with Chopped Almonds & Serve.


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