We “The Team of Delish Dilemma” welcome you to the world of Cooking.

Cooking is an art. It is a hidden talent that everyone possess but not many manage to discover and master it. Being a chef is never easy and precision is all that is required.

Cooking can be tricky for some and forgetful for many. In my case the secret ingredient to all the recipes is love and spreading love through food is the motive. 

                                                                                                                              -Aviral kr. Asthana

Delish Dilemma provides all the cooking enthusiasts to start from the very basics and proceed step by step with these easy to understand recipes that are quite innovative . The website contains recipes from all types of cuisines belonging to 22 countries along with special  festival recipes, so that you do not remain hungry at any time of the day.

We have also tried to provide you with some basic knowledge of ingredients and fruit benefits along with their side effects. A column of Health Tips is also provided on the website which includes information about workout, yoga, personal care, Hygeine, and Common Health Problems.

Established with the aim of spreading love through food and help by providing remedies to some common health problems, which people are facing today. We started this website with the aim of helping future chefs to cook with precision and to develop interest in the art of cooking. Our motive is to be able to come up with as many as possible, different recipes which will be fun to try, if you are looking forward to have a great time while cooking. This website is the right place for you. Heartiest welcome to our Delish Dilemma family.

Words from the Chef

“First of all, I would like to welcome you in our Delish Dilemma Family.

I Aviral Kr. Asthana would like to tell you that since childhood I was declined towards the art of cooking and found it pretty amusing. To cook and to platter in many innovative ways has always intrigued me.

At the meagre age of five, i tried to explore and display my talent of cooking for the very first time by making tea for my mother. She had mixed feelings about this; mostly she  was astonished and felt gaiety, nevertheless being a protective Indian mother, She did not support this back then considering my age.

Children my age had other interests and hobbies, while I on the other hand found joy only in cooking and thinking about experimenting with flavours. All my friends would go about buying toys and other kids’ play items while I always looked forward to buy new kitchen utensils and culinary products. Since then i knew that cooking was a part of me and that it was my passion.

Due to certain circumstances later in life, I drifted away a little from my dream of becoming a chef and would only cook at rare occassions.

Then one day a certain someone ignited that spark in me once a gain to chance my dreams and do what I love my dearest.

I cooked chicken for my dearest and closest friend in college and she was literally flabbergasted by the taste of it. She then complemented and motivated me to the maximum which made me feel good about myself and this incident is what gave my cooking career a kick start. Her name is “ISHU” and she also helps me in writing my own content (recipes) and bring out the best in me. She is also the CO-Founder and CEO of this website apart from being the editor and content improvisor. She indeed proved that true friendship will always lift you up.

Our entire team works hard rigorously to provide all of you with easy and good content while making sure that there are no flaws. Hope you found my story inspirational. Thank you for all the love”.

                                                                                                                          -Aviral Kr. Asthana

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Happy cooking to you: ?


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